Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

Medically, hyperglycemia is called the more level state of glucose in blood glucose, i.e. in the bloodstream. Before suffering a variety of its complications, the properties used to identify high blood glucose levels are treated immediately!
Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar
Blood glucose levels occur when the body is not able to produce or use insulin, as glucose accumulates in the bloodstream. Insulin is one of the hormones that help absorb glucose and blood glucose levels.

Although often experienced by people with diabetes, hyperglycemia can also occur due to stress and pain. If these two conditions can affect hormonal level changes including insulin.

Characteristics of high blood glucose levels in the early stages

In the early stages, hyperglycemia often does not cause symptoms. Therefore, it is important to test your blood glucose level on a regular basis, especially if you have a family with a history of an inactive lifestyle or type and are exposed to high-risk conditions such as 2 diabetes.

However, the properties of the next fixed hyperglycemia level can cause this state to be detected early.

Increased urinary frequency
Too many sugars circulating in the blood will get rid of the body. Where the body will also get rid of sugar from urine to pull moisture out of the body.

Increases the frequency of water letting while improving the thirst of the throat. Moreover, constant hunger for weight loss can occur for no apparent reason, since the body has no sugar energy.

“In many cases, without symptoms in the early stages, high blood sugar conditions can lead to tired vision loss of excess feeling”

Often feel tired
Sugar is a source of energy. When this energy is removed from the urine, the body can feel fatigued. Not only does the high blood sugar make it sticky, so the heart should work extra to circulate the blood.

Blood is a carrier of nutrients to all the cells of the body, while it slows the circulation of blood. The condition supports the feeling of becoming more and more tired.

If the blood sugar level is consistent between 200 mg/dl 350mg/dl, the two symptoms mentioned above often experience, in this area, its value has exceeded the normal limit.

Characteristics of high blood glucose levels in the advanced stage

If the early stages of hyperglycemia remain, the blood glucose level can continue to rise above 350mg/dl. If this happens, additional symptoms such as the following may worsen the condition:

Blurry view
High blood glucose levels can cause vascular damage. If this damage occurs in the retina, the light-sensitive eye part may cause vision.

Failure may be a went sight for a while at first. If you keep to the left, you have the potential for macular, eye parts, experience swelling, and vision loss in a detailed vision.

Digestive Disorders
The nerves that control the work of the digestive organs are prone to high blood sugar levels. Therefore, this condition can also cause a person who is prone to constipation diarrhea.

Intestinal dysfunction or spontaneous motion disorder may also occur. This disorder can cause nausea, vomiting, flatulence and abdominal pain to be more diabetes bracelets free

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