Use A Personal Loan Or Debt Management Program To Pay Credit Card Debt?


Should I use a personal loan or debt management program to pay off my credit card debt?

I have about $25,000 of debt but can still pay monthly payments on time and have never missed a payment.

If I try to get a personal loan as opposed to a debt management program, which looks better to creditors?? My credit score is around 650-670. I am thinking of going to a non-profit credit counseling agency to see what they think.

I still have some stocks and bonds totaling $6,000. I do get paid consistently and have been trying some internet surveys to make some small money on the side to my job.

What things should I look for at the credit counseling agency?

Personal Loan Or Debt Management Program To Pay Credit Card Debt
Personal Loan Or Debt Management Program To Pay Credit Card Debt


Most credit counseling agencies do the same thing:

1. Tell you to cut up your credit cards to prevent farther use.
2. Negotiate settlement amounts with each CC lender. This is a ‘write off’ and will be reflected as such on your credit record.
3. Establish a set monthly payment amount that you would send to them and that they then forward to the various CC companies.

While your credit report would reflect the debt management program it would also reflect the settlement of your debts for less that amount owed. Thus, this will have a negative impact on your credit score albeit a less of an impact than if you got way behind and the accounts went to collections.

Here’s the recommendation

1. Create a list of all your debts and put them in a table that list who, current balance, monthly payment, interest rate, due date and credit limit.
2. Create a list of all your assets and put them in a similar table that list Who, current balance, interest rate and penalty amount for early withdrawal.
3. Sort your debt list by Interest rate listing the highest interest rate first. You will want to ‘pay off’ from this list starting from the top and working down.
4. Sort your asset list by interest rate starting with the lowest. You will want to use the first listed funds to pay on your debt as these are the ones returning the least amount on your investment.
5. With these two list it will be obvious that retaining a large amount of cash that is drawing a small amount of interest is not good when compared to the high interest rate you are paying out.
6. Set a minimal amount of your investment asset that you want to keep for emergency.
7. Using your calculated available cash, begin to pay off or pay down your debt.

While paying down the debt with the biggest interest rate will save you the most over the long run, you may be better off paying down or paying off those where the monthly payment will be reduced the most and/or removed altogether. Thus, you might be able to use $4,000 of your investment to drop your monthly payments by over $150 and then you can use that ‘extra’ to compensate for the short fall in cash you have and/or pay down the other bills quicker.

All in all, you need to organize your assets and liablities in a manner that works for you and the go through a few scenarios to determine the best method for you.

Infant Eczema

Eczema can affect people that are very young. Infants tend to get eczema because their skin is very sensible and the clothes that they wear can hurt their skin.Also about 20% of the babies get eczema because an hereditary condition. At first a small red area will appear on the skin and then it will develop into a bad rash that will lead to eczema. Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of eczema that appears at infants.

Eczema in Infants

In order treat infant eczema you must be very calm and patients. You must take great care and touch the areas affected by eczema only after you disinfected your hands. Because infants are very sensible and their immune system hasn’t fully developed, touching them with filthy hands can lead to infections.

Infant Eczema
Infant Eczema

A good treatment for infant eczema is to keep the skin moisturized.You can use almond oil because it doesn’t produce any allergies. You shouldn’t bathe the infant too often. Warm water dries the skin and the eczema become worse. A good tip to prevent skin drying because of the bathing water is to pour some baby oil in the water.

If the eczema symptoms worsen you should call the baby’s pediatrician. The doctor can provide very useful advices in ways to treat infant eczema. Don’t forget that it is pretty normal for infants to get eczema in the first month of life. Don’t get alarmed by it.

More about eczema please visit: EczemAveblog

Treatment for Eczema in Infants

Severe itching; red, fine, bumpy patches. Looked at websites but would like to know what others have tried.

1. Less is often more- resist the temptation to try endless numbers of creams, ointments and lotions which often only make it worse.

2. was hit only with clear water and a cotton ball to dry- so this only once a day.

3. Use a mild hydrocortisone cream (not ointment) once daily sparingly on the face (avoid the eyes).

4. Take a careful look around at what her face contacts: bedclothes, your shoulder, mom’s breast, adult’s clothing, spit up nappies, her own clothes- make sure nothing is wool. Make sure there is no lanolin appplied to her or to the mom’s breast.

5. Avoid all fabric softeners, dryer additives, and other chemicals and perfumes in the laundry.

6. Changing formulas or mother’s diet almost never makes a significant difference- try everything else before you go that route.

7. Just be sure its eczema- intense itching is seldom seen in eczema- make sure she has not had an inadvertent exposure to poison oak or ivy oils or some other contact dermatitis.

Debt Management and Settlement

With the high cost of living and overspending, it is not unusual to see debt increasing in many households. Keeping up with the everyday expenses of maintaining a home and a family can take a lot of money to just maintain it. If any unexpected expenses arise, such as medical, or an appliance or car breaking down, it can throw anyone into a spiral of debt that is hard to get out of it. If you find that you have fallen into the cycle of enormous debt and you feel there is no way out, there is help waiting for the residents of US.

There are many different options that are available that also come with many difference of opinions. It can be confusing knowing which direction to proceed in, which sometimes can result in making the wrong decision.

Debt Management and Settlement
Debt Management and Settlement

Arming yourself with information on all of the options is one of the first places to start. By getting the facts, will allow you to make the right decision, which will work best for your own personal situation. An expert from a debt management and settlement company can help you by giving you the needed information to make an informed positive outcome.

Debt management and settlement programs will offer the client information that will help them not only resolving their present debt problem, but also giving information through debt counseling to avoid falling into debt destruction in the future. They are there to help you to resolve your debt by working with your creditors, lessening your payment, and keeping you on the right financial path for the future.

What is debt settlement or credit counseling?

Credit counseling will help to mend your reckless spending habits. A credit counselor can persuade you to stick to a well planned monthly budget and can help you to reduce your expenses efficiently. He will also help you to find an appropriate debt settlement program, which will enable you to payoff all your debts without causing excess pressure on you. A credit counselor will also negotiate with all your creditors, on behalf of you, to reach a debt settlement deal, which will prove to be beneficial for both you as well as the credit companies.

Settling of debts through debt settlement program will enable you to get out of your debts, in an efficient manner. By means of this plan, you will be able to enjoy a reduction in your monthly payments as well as in your interest rates.

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

We have owned our Double yellow headed amazon for eight years. He was only six months old when we brought him home (we don’t know if it is male or female, and it doesn’t matter to us!). He is the light of our lives! He greets our children each morning by name (he does not repeat what he hears, but can actually identify each child), laughs at our jokes (most of them from our youngest, who doesn’t quite understand they are supposed to be funny), dances to classical music (He looks like they conductor of the orchestra, moving his foot to the beat, and bobbing his head, and swaying), enjoys friday night pizza (he sits on his perch in the center of the table eating and talking and laughing with the kids).

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot
Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

He knows that mommy is the dominant member of the family, he listens and obeys just like a good child should. When he is scared, he will lean in and hide his face in my shirt. But he loves daddy the most. Every day at 5pm he begins to get excited and chatter because he’s waiting for daddy to get home. And the minute my husband walks in, he runs straight to the birdcage for his kisses, and tickles the birds belly and they both laugh! Our experience with this bird has been one of absolute awe – at what a highly intelligent, funny, and loving animal it truly is. It is true, just as with EVERY animal, you must be careful with children around.

Their beaks are incredibly strong, and sometimes they have bad days, just like we do. But with a good FAMILY, and lots of LOVE, and enough ATTENTION, these birds are more like adopting a small child. Ours now has such an extensive vocabulary that I honestly couldn’t count the number of words, but what amazes us is how he really “talks” to us, sometimes he can carry on a full conversation.

I heard my double yellow headed Amazon Parrot talking to the UPS guy for over 10 minutes one day before the man realized he was talking to a bird! He will out live me and my husband, and our children will have to fight over who gets to take him next, because he is loved by all! I highly recommend amazons for wonderful people with lots of love and happiness in their lives. Because those are the only homes these birds deserve. We are the lucky ones – to have be honored by having an amazon parrot as a pet in our home!

Credit Counseling as Part of a Debt Management Plan

With the economy and paychecks not going as far as they used to, more people are turning to consumer credit counseling as part of their personal debt management plan. Some experts may tell you that using a credit counseling company is not the way to go and if you have less than $5K in debt, it probably is not for you.

But not all individuals are disciplined enough to pay off their debt without help from an organization that specializes in debt reduction. A credit counseling company will help you develop a budget, educate you on managing your finances and set you up on a debt management plan (DMP) that will help you get your unsecured debts paid off. The plan can take anywhere from 3-7 years.

In most cases, this will not have a negative impact on your credit as long as you are able to follow the debt management plan as it is agreed upon. Many debt management companies require you to make your payment electronically, removing the concern of your payment reaching them on time.

Your consumer accounts will be closed and you will not be allowed to open more while you are in the program, but you will see the following benefits:

  1. On convenient monthly payment.
  2. Reduced and possibly eliminated interest rates.
  3. Elimination of fees.
  4. No more collection calls.
  5. Your accounts will be considered current after a specified number of on-time payments (usually 3).
  6. Peace of mind.

Credit counseling is not for everyone. You will have to be able to make a 2 percent payment in most cases in order to be accepted into the program. So, if you are no longer able to make minimum payments, credit counseling is not the option for you. You are starting to see more and more credit counseling companies as the need for them becomes greater. If you are in a position where it feels like the noose is beginning to tighten, you may want to look into consumer credit counseling.

What’s So Great About Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil offers incredible benefits to health, skin, hair, and even your brain!

I’ve pretty much gotten to the point where, when people tell me about one health ailment or another, I just grab my jar of coconut oil, point at it, and grin like an idiot. It sounds crazy, and maybe you’ll think I really very crazy… but coconut oil has truly been a cure-all for me in many ways. From your hair, to your skin, to your teeth, to the inner workings of your body… it truly is a miracle oil. I’ve done some pretty extensive research on it – both through reading and my own personal experiences – and I’m here to tell you all about it!

It might come as a surprise, but a “low fat” diet doesn’t help you lose weight or get healthy. You won’t feel good, you won’t be able to think clearly, your skin will suffer.

All the things you’ve been told about eating low fat, cutting back on oils (especially when it comes to the skin), and the like actually come from a movement back in the 80’s to combat the growing obesity epidemic in the states. Lower fat intake means lower weight, right? WRONG! In fact, your body absolutely CRAVES healthy fats – just like those found in coconut oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, and many other healthy foods.

After everything became “low fat,” the obesity epidemic didn’t slow down. Instead, it accelerated. A 2012 study suggests that by 2030, half of all Americans could be not just overweight, but obese. Reason? When you take the fat out of food, you also strip it of it’s natural flavors. Who wants to eat cardboard? Anybody?

In order for food manufacturers to sell their products, they had to make them relatively tasty, so they replaced that missing fat with added sugars. There is super high quality coconut oil named virgin coconut oil from Indonesia. Visit to get any information about it.

within the market For a brand new automobile? examine this first!

within the market For a brand new automobile? examine this first!

whilst searching to shop for a brand new or used automobile, many things come into play. You want to ensure you get the first-rate deal, and it’s not constantly clean. Frankly, it can be pretty irritating with out the right pointers and ideas. make sure you pay attention to the following article, as it will assist you thru the shopping for procedure.

each time you are thinking about buying a automobile, you first need to recognise the true cost of the automobile. this may be finished with the aid of looking on line for the MRSP and evaluating it with the gives you locate to your location. make sure to test at many special web sites to start with.

if you cannot afford it, do not be persuaded by way of a talented salesman. quite a few humans are swayed into shopping for a sports automobile by way of a salesperson. remember that the shop clerk is trying to make a truthful fee, so selling costly cars can help them.

Do now not make the error of specializing in only the month-to-month charge amount when you are car buying. this can motive you to buy a extra luxurious car than you may truly find the money for. You need to awareness on the full cost of the automobile itself and whether or not that could be a good buy.

test out the maker’s website online in case you need to customise your vehicle. whilst the motors at the dealership lot can be the kind of car, you want, a number of vehicle manufacturers come up with the opportunity to customize the car a chunk with shade and capabilities. you can have to wait a few weeks extra to get your automobile, however it is probably worth it.

consider to calculate ownership charges whilst selecting a new vehicle. That bargain priced SUV might not be any such good deal if it way you’ll be spending twice the quantity you used to on fuel to force it. The same goes for sporty racing style motors or fashions preferred by car thieves that both can come with multiplied insurance quotes.

recollect promoting your car privately, in preference to buying and selling it in for the brand new automobile you need. you will nearly continually get more in your car through a personal sale than you’ll through a exchange in. although the dealership makes it sound like they’re providing you with a exquisite trade in value, they will possibly enhance the fee elsewhere to make up for the distinction.

check proprietor reviews earlier than choosing the automobile you want to shop for. those may be found on-line, at many unique web sites. proprietor evaluations provide you with an amazing idea about how an awful lot others enjoy the auto, and if they might advocate it to friends and circle of relatives. They provide a one-of-a-kind angle than professional opinions, and they are very informative for every person who’s vehicle shopping.

when you are considering buying a used vehicle, always have your mechanic check it out first. You aren’t a qualified mechanic trained to identify issues or upkeep, so that you want to take it to a expert. Be prepared to pay $a hundred or so for this provider, however it is able to end up saving you hundreds.

earlier than buying a vehicle, remember the cost of coverage. if you are financing the car, you will probable want comprehensive insurance, similarly to legal responsibility safety. a few cars value notably extra to insure than others. avoid any surprises via asking your insurance company for a quote before you sign any office work.

do not buy a automobile on line from someone with out going and checking it out first. if you aren’t routinely willing, bring someone that is. also be wary of offers that appear too properly to be real. human beings will take gain of you in case you’re no longer suitable with motors, so try and deliver along someone that knows about them.

in case you are trading your vehicle in, take it to a element store and feature the upholstery and carpets cleaned together with a wash and wax. Doing this one issue can typically internet you numerous hundred greenbacks or more in alternate-in fee compared to a vehicle that isn’t smooth.

maximum salesmen could have month-to-month desires or quotas to make. Take gain of vehicle buying at the cease of a month. Salespeople who’ve a quota to satisfy are keen to make every other sale. This offers you a chunk greater leverage to your bargaining.

Do now not base your automobile buying selection completely on charge. at the same time as charge is certainly vital, so is the popularity of the dealership. You need to discover an area that is regarded for exceptional customer service and status behind the automobiles they promote in case you have any issues down the road.

Get a vehicle history document for any car you are significantly considering. All you need is the vehicle identification variety (VIN). This report can tell you about the car’s coincidence and repair records, as well as whether or not the automobile has been in a flood or different catastrophe. some sites let you pay for a one-month subscription, that’s accessible if you may be pulling reviews on multiple vehicles.

maximum people are seeking out the pleasant viable deal whilst looking for our subsequent vehicle. One manner you may get a notable deal is with the aid of using the time of the month to your advantage. At the primary of each month, auto dealerships have to pay for every of the vehicles they have got on their showroom ground. So, at the quit of each month, those dealers are extra apt to negotiate so that you can put off a number of these automobiles. if you shop during the last week of the month, you could get the pleasant deals!

discover all you may approximately rebates. you could both get a coins rebate, low loan interest charge or the dealer themselves gets the rebate in cash. it is the manufacturer who offers these rebates, now not the dealership. this may most effective be available on motors available at the lot, of route.

Now which you have a better idea as on your method when it comes to shopping for automobiles, you are extra properly-ready as a consumer. don’t let the ones salesmen push you around all over the income floor, getting you to do what they need. rather, take control of the situation and get what you need.

Exclusive Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Exclusive Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Shopping for a plus sizes wedding dress can be frustrating. Many bridal shops simply do not carry a good plus size selection, or they insist they can order a dress in your size-but you can’t try it on first. We feel that this practice unfairly restricts your choices and makes the dress-shopping experience much more stressful than it requires to be.

Plus size bridal gown shopping can be challenging! Finding a bridal salon that has plus size samples is one of those tasks you don’t even want your enemies to take on. When I first got engaged my friend said you have to check out this bridal salon (thanks Juanita). So she labeled me in a post from Pantora Bridal and for all the apparent reasons I feel in love with this wedding salon.

If you are looking for a plus size wedding dress, you know things can get slightly hard. It is not about the fact that most hair salons and spas don’t sample the full figure designs, but there are so many details to think about. You should decide on silhouette, materials, and trends as well. Check out the following points to get you to the right direction.

plus size wedding dressThis set of where to get started on your plus size wedding dress search is by no means conclusive. I honestly feel like I’m just producing conditions of research with this. So if you’re a store, boutique and designer who offers a great choice of plus size wedding dresses and I’ve left you out, tell me! And hopefully more and more designers (and actors! Melissa McCarthy is debuting her plus size fashion line this fall) will start creating/stocking more sample sizes to make your wedding dress search as fun as it should be.

Let The Dress Outlet help you find a Plus Size Wedding Dress. Our cheap, affordable Plus Size Wedding gowns feature a number of different styles, colors and sizes. Our free shipping and delivery ensures a more economical shopping experience and our quality products are sure to turn heads in your wedding event. So what are you waiting for? Get the Plus Size Wedding Dress at The Dress Outlet. says : Make sure that you are comfortable with your plus size wedding dress. When you test it on, try to sit down down and determine if you are comfortable with it. Make sure that it does not bulge in a hideous manner. This should also look beautiful from the back. Verify if you are able to move openly with it.

While not every local bridal shop or store carries an array of plus size wedding dress samples to try on, there is still the opportunity that one in your area will. We would definitely set some time aside to call as many stores as you can to determine if they hold plus size wedding dresses that you can try on, and if not can they recommend any other place that would? (I found that almost all sales associates I spoke to were extremely nice in guiding me to a different store that might be able to help. ) One important thing to make note of is that although you may DO find a plus size wedding dress at a boutique that you really like, purchasing a larger size May cost you anywhere from 10, 15, or 20% more. Sigh.

Curvy brides should feel confident about themselves. They will look fabulous on their wedding with an elegant plus size wedding gown that fits them properly. There are countless dressmakers and store owners out there who do really care for these ladies. However, seeking for these people can be a daunting activity. Keep in mind that a plus size dress will not have to cost a fortune. There are prominent dressmakers out there who can create a gown that is within your budget. They can use other sorts of fabrics and embellishments that cost less.

references :

Glucose Tolerance Test

One of the ways in which a doctor makes a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is to undergo an oral glucose tolerance test. This test is pretty, but fast enough. These tests can help you figure out what your body is capable of regulating that insulin and blood glucose levels are high.

The test begins with stopping to eat and drink for eight hours before the test begins. Three days before the test, you should concentrate on eating a carbohydrate-rich diet. You should also stop drinking coffee and smoking on the morning of the test. In the doctor’s room, drink about 75-100 grams of a rich drink of glucose. Later, in the next three hours, a few blood samples (usually four samples) are taken to test their glucose levels in development.
Glucose Tolerance Test
Normal patients experience a dramatic increase in glucose levels after drinking a drink rich in glucose. Diabetics experience a dramatic increase (usually higher than those without diabetes), but the blood sugar in diabetes will leave it high. Among non-diabetic people, this falls quickly, as an insulin act of glucose in your blood.

Glucose compatibility testing and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus

It is said that you are suffering from “glucose tolerance” if you are faced with enough abnormal high oral glucose resistance test results. The diagnosis of diabetes occurs after two different tests on two different days, which are affected by the reaction of glucose and show an insulin response. When a patient is pregnant and goes through a test, he can be diagnosed with diabetes gestational if the plasma glucose level on the fast is high and cannot be returned to normal after oral glucose resistance test.

If any of the glucose levels do not go after the initial increase in glucose in your blood, doctors often recommend returning to the people living another day of the second Test. It is very important to follow up all results, especially abnormal high, if you have symptoms of diabetes or if there is a high risk for the condition. It is important to diagnose diabetes and begin treatment as soon as possible because unmanaged diabetes leads to organ failure, long-term health, disease, and even death.

Remember that the diagnosis of an experienced glucose tolerance does not automatically mean that you have diabetes. Only about 5% of patients with glucose tolerance are affected by diabetes. Many of the people who were diagnosed early suffer from reduced glucose tolerance and could avoid diabetes by changing their lifestyles. For example, 5-10% loss of your body weight and only 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, 5 days a week, almost 50% can reduce your diabetes outbreak!

The more you take the first test of glucose tolerance, the better the quality of life can be made to make changes. is too serious to potentially save you from a long-term health problem. This change will also save you money in the long run in terms of the cost of health care and the loss of time at work.

What is this test procedure?

Before the test, you are asked not to eat, drink some liquids, and before the test 8-12 hours.

You may be asked not to use certain drug tests until the time comes, but only if this affects your test results.

To test themselves, they would have taken his blood to measure their blood sugar before testing it first. In the next phase, you will be asked for rich, very sweet tasting food and drinks with glucose.

Then a blood sample is taken at regular intervals of 30 or 60 minutes or two hours later for a test. This test can take up to three hours.

Between the blood tests, it took a while before taking a blood sample, so it is much better to take time back. You can fill the time by reading some books, or something else to keep you busy and get bored quickly.

Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

Medically, hyperglycemia is called the more level state of glucose in blood glucose, i.e. in the bloodstream. Before suffering a variety of its complications, the properties used to identify high blood glucose levels are treated immediately!
Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar
Blood glucose levels occur when the body is not able to produce or use insulin, as glucose accumulates in the bloodstream. Insulin is one of the hormones that help absorb glucose and blood glucose levels.

Although often experienced by people with diabetes, hyperglycemia can also occur due to stress and pain. If these two conditions can affect hormonal level changes including insulin.

Characteristics of high blood glucose levels in the early stages

In the early stages, hyperglycemia often does not cause symptoms. Therefore, it is important to test your blood glucose level on a regular basis, especially if you have a family with a history of an inactive lifestyle or type and are exposed to high-risk conditions such as 2 diabetes.

However, the properties of the next fixed hyperglycemia level can cause this state to be detected early.

Increased urinary frequency
Too many sugars circulating in the blood will get rid of the body. Where the body will also get rid of sugar from urine to pull moisture out of the body.

Increases the frequency of water letting while improving the thirst of the throat. Moreover, constant hunger for weight loss can occur for no apparent reason, since the body has no sugar energy.

“In many cases, without symptoms in the early stages, high blood sugar conditions can lead to tired vision loss of excess feeling”

Often feel tired
Sugar is a source of energy. When this energy is removed from the urine, the body can feel fatigued. Not only does the high blood sugar make it sticky, so the heart should work extra to circulate the blood.

Blood is a carrier of nutrients to all the cells of the body, while it slows the circulation of blood. The condition supports the feeling of becoming more and more tired.

If the blood sugar level is consistent between 200 mg/dl 350mg/dl, the two symptoms mentioned above often experience, in this area, its value has exceeded the normal limit.

Characteristics of high blood glucose levels in the advanced stage

If the early stages of hyperglycemia remain, the blood glucose level can continue to rise above 350mg/dl. If this happens, additional symptoms such as the following may worsen the condition:

Blurry view
High blood glucose levels can cause vascular damage. If this damage occurs in the retina, the light-sensitive eye part may cause vision.

Failure may be a went sight for a while at first. If you keep to the left, you have the potential for macular, eye parts, experience swelling, and vision loss in a detailed vision.

Digestive Disorders
The nerves that control the work of the digestive organs are prone to high blood sugar levels. Therefore, this condition can also cause a person who is prone to constipation diarrhea.

Intestinal dysfunction or spontaneous motion disorder may also occur. This disorder can cause nausea, vomiting, flatulence and abdominal pain to be more diabetes bracelets free