Use A Personal Loan Or Debt Management Program To Pay Credit Card Debt?


Should I use a personal loan or debt management program to pay off my credit card debt?

I have about $25,000 of debt but can still pay monthly payments on time and have never missed a payment.

If I try to get a personal loan as opposed to a debt management program, which looks better to creditors?? My credit score is around 650-670. I am thinking of going to a non-profit credit counseling agency to see what they think.

I still have some stocks and bonds totaling $6,000. I do get paid consistently and have been trying some internet surveys to make some small money on the side to my job.

What things should I look for at the credit counseling agency?

Personal Loan Or Debt Management Program To Pay Credit Card Debt
Personal Loan Or Debt Management Program To Pay Credit Card Debt


Most credit counseling agencies do the same thing:

1. Tell you to cut up your credit cards to prevent farther use.
2. Negotiate settlement amounts with each CC lender. This is a ‘write off’ and will be reflected as such on your credit record.
3. Establish a set monthly payment amount that you would send to them and that they then forward to the various CC companies.

While your credit report would reflect the debt management program it would also reflect the settlement of your debts for less that amount owed. Thus, this will have a negative impact on your credit score albeit a less of an impact than if you got way behind and the accounts went to collections.

Here’s the recommendation

1. Create a list of all your debts and put them in a table that list who, current balance, monthly payment, interest rate, due date and credit limit.
2. Create a list of all your assets and put them in a similar table that list Who, current balance, interest rate and penalty amount for early withdrawal.
3. Sort your debt list by Interest rate listing the highest interest rate first. You will want to ‘pay off’ from this list starting from the top and working down.
4. Sort your asset list by interest rate starting with the lowest. You will want to use the first listed funds to pay on your debt as these are the ones returning the least amount on your investment.
5. With these two list it will be obvious that retaining a large amount of cash that is drawing a small amount of interest is not good when compared to the high interest rate you are paying out.
6. Set a minimal amount of your investment asset that you want to keep for emergency.
7. Using your calculated available cash, begin to pay off or pay down your debt.

While paying down the debt with the biggest interest rate will save you the most over the long run, you may be better off paying down or paying off those where the monthly payment will be reduced the most and/or removed altogether. Thus, you might be able to use $4,000 of your investment to drop your monthly payments by over $150 and then you can use that ‘extra’ to compensate for the short fall in cash you have and/or pay down the other bills quicker.

All in all, you need to organize your assets and liablities in a manner that works for you and the go through a few scenarios to determine the best method for you.

Infant Eczema

Eczema can affect people that are very young. Infants tend to get eczema because their skin is very sensible and the clothes that they wear can hurt their skin.Also about 20% of the babies get eczema because an hereditary condition. At first a small red area will appear on the skin and then it will develop into a bad rash that will lead to eczema. Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of eczema that appears at infants.

Eczema in Infants

In order treat infant eczema you must be very calm and patients. You must take great care and touch the areas affected by eczema only after you disinfected your hands. Because infants are very sensible and their immune system hasn’t fully developed, touching them with filthy hands can lead to infections.

Infant Eczema
Infant Eczema

A good treatment for infant eczema is to keep the skin moisturized.You can use almond oil because it doesn’t produce any allergies. You shouldn’t bathe the infant too often. Warm water dries the skin and the eczema become worse. A good tip to prevent skin drying because of the bathing water is to pour some baby oil in the water.

If the eczema symptoms worsen you should call the baby’s pediatrician. The doctor can provide very useful advices in ways to treat infant eczema. Don’t forget that it is pretty normal for infants to get eczema in the first month of life. Don’t get alarmed by it.

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Treatment for Eczema in Infants

Severe itching; red, fine, bumpy patches. Looked at websites but would like to know what others have tried.

1. Less is often more- resist the temptation to try endless numbers of creams, ointments and lotions which often only make it worse.

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5. Avoid all fabric softeners, dryer additives, and other chemicals and perfumes in the laundry.

6. Changing formulas or mother’s diet almost never makes a significant difference- try everything else before you go that route.

7. Just be sure its eczema- intense itching is seldom seen in eczema- make sure she has not had an inadvertent exposure to poison oak or ivy oils or some other contact dermatitis.

Debt Management and Settlement

With the high cost of living and overspending, it is not unusual to see debt increasing in many households. Keeping up with the everyday expenses of maintaining a home and a family can take a lot of money to just maintain it. If any unexpected expenses arise, such as medical, or an appliance or car breaking down, it can throw anyone into a spiral of debt that is hard to get out of it. If you find that you have fallen into the cycle of enormous debt and you feel there is no way out, there is help waiting for the residents of US.

There are many different options that are available that also come with many difference of opinions. It can be confusing knowing which direction to proceed in, which sometimes can result in making the wrong decision.

Debt Management and Settlement
Debt Management and Settlement

Arming yourself with information on all of the options is one of the first places to start. By getting the facts, will allow you to make the right decision, which will work best for your own personal situation. An expert from a debt management and settlement company can help you by giving you the needed information to make an informed positive outcome.

Debt management and settlement programs will offer the client information that will help them not only resolving their present debt problem, but also giving information through debt counseling to avoid falling into debt destruction in the future. They are there to help you to resolve your debt by working with your creditors, lessening your payment, and keeping you on the right financial path for the future.

What is debt settlement or credit counseling?

Credit counseling will help to mend your reckless spending habits. A credit counselor can persuade you to stick to a well planned monthly budget and can help you to reduce your expenses efficiently. He will also help you to find an appropriate debt settlement program, which will enable you to payoff all your debts without causing excess pressure on you. A credit counselor will also negotiate with all your creditors, on behalf of you, to reach a debt settlement deal, which will prove to be beneficial for both you as well as the credit companies.

Settling of debts through debt settlement program will enable you to get out of your debts, in an efficient manner. By means of this plan, you will be able to enjoy a reduction in your monthly payments as well as in your interest rates.

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

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Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot
Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

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Credit Counseling as Part of a Debt Management Plan

With the economy and paychecks not going as far as they used to, more people are turning to consumer credit counseling as part of their personal debt management plan. Some experts may tell you that using a credit counseling company is not the way to go and if you have less than $5K in debt, it probably is not for you.

But not all individuals are disciplined enough to pay off their debt without help from an organization that specializes in debt reduction. A credit counseling company will help you develop a budget, educate you on managing your finances and set you up on a debt management plan (DMP) that will help you get your unsecured debts paid off. The plan can take anywhere from 3-7 years.

In most cases, this will not have a negative impact on your credit as long as you are able to follow the debt management plan as it is agreed upon. Many debt management companies require you to make your payment electronically, removing the concern of your payment reaching them on time.

Your consumer accounts will be closed and you will not be allowed to open more while you are in the program, but you will see the following benefits:

  1. On convenient monthly payment.
  2. Reduced and possibly eliminated interest rates.
  3. Elimination of fees.
  4. No more collection calls.
  5. Your accounts will be considered current after a specified number of on-time payments (usually 3).
  6. Peace of mind.

Credit counseling is not for everyone. You will have to be able to make a 2 percent payment in most cases in order to be accepted into the program. So, if you are no longer able to make minimum payments, credit counseling is not the option for you. You are starting to see more and more credit counseling companies as the need for them becomes greater. If you are in a position where it feels like the noose is beginning to tighten, you may want to look into consumer credit counseling.

What’s So Great About Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil offers incredible benefits to health, skin, hair, and even your brain!

I’ve pretty much gotten to the point where, when people tell me about one health ailment or another, I just grab my jar of coconut oil, point at it, and grin like an idiot. It sounds crazy, and maybe you’ll think I really very crazy… but coconut oil has truly been a cure-all for me in many ways. From your hair, to your skin, to your teeth, to the inner workings of your body… it truly is a miracle oil. I’ve done some pretty extensive research on it – both through reading and my own personal experiences – and I’m here to tell you all about it!

It might come as a surprise, but a “low fat” diet doesn’t help you lose weight or get healthy. You won’t feel good, you won’t be able to think clearly, your skin will suffer.

All the things you’ve been told about eating low fat, cutting back on oils (especially when it comes to the skin), and the like actually come from a movement back in the 80’s to combat the growing obesity epidemic in the states. Lower fat intake means lower weight, right? WRONG! In fact, your body absolutely CRAVES healthy fats – just like those found in coconut oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, and many other healthy foods.

After everything became “low fat,” the obesity epidemic didn’t slow down. Instead, it accelerated. A 2012 study suggests that by 2030, half of all Americans could be not just overweight, but obese. Reason? When you take the fat out of food, you also strip it of it’s natural flavors. Who wants to eat cardboard? Anybody?

In order for food manufacturers to sell their products, they had to make them relatively tasty, so they replaced that missing fat with added sugars. There is super high quality coconut oil named virgin coconut oil from Indonesia. Visit to get any information about it.